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Getting Started with Flowtrace Fremium Plan
Navigating Analytics within the Flowtrace Web App
Navigating Analytics within the Flowtrace Web App

Understand the visual reporting analytics included in your free plan.

Written by Petri Lehtonen
Updated over a week ago

In this article you will discover of the analytics with the Flowtrace Web App analytics and your free plan.


Your Flowtrace integration to your Slack workspace is Free Forever for up 15 users. With our analytics you can quickly find value through core insights about your productivity and collaboration.

This article shows the 6 core analytic segments in your free plan:

Collaboration Dashboard

A real-time view of overall sentiment in your Slack workspace, % of active channels and active Slack users.

Collaboration Diagnostics > Slack Overview

Measure how and when your teams communicate most in your Slack workspace through our activity breakdown. Understand which are your most active topics and which topics are positive or negative.

Collaboration Diagnostics > Relational Network

Understand how your team members communicate with each other. You can also view the directional flow of communication and the sentiment of collaboration between each team member.

Collaboration Diagnostics > Company Sentiment

Gain a full perspective of overall company sentiment over time. You can also gain insights of sentiment on a channel by channel basis and understand which topics are most active.

Wellbeing > Team Engagement

Benchmark your team engagement trends over time as your company evolves.

  • Engagement score is equally weighted average of all other indexes of an employee.

  • Activity score is a metric based on activity of an employee.

  • Sentiment score is simplistic metric calculated based on employee's and company's positive and negative sentiment averages.

  • Connectedness score is based on graph theory's degree centrality and hub concept.

  • Influence score is calculated based on graph theory's betweeness, weighted betweenness, authority and pagerank algorithms.

Wellbeing > Survey Overview

Keep your finger on the company pulse with Flowtrace surveys. Measure 'Employee Net Promoter Score' trends over time plus many more survey insights.

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