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Integrate Zoom with Flowtrace
Integrate Zoom with Flowtrace

This guide walks you through how to integrate your Zoom with Flowtrace. Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes.

Written by Petri Lehtonen
Updated over a week ago

Zoom is nowadays integral part of hybrid and remote collaboration. It's where teams and people meet, either on a scheduled, or unscheduled meetings. This guide shows you how to create a Zoom webhook app and configure it to send interesting video call events to Flowtrace for further analysis.

In this article, we show you how to create a Zoom app, and configure it to send events to Flowtrace.

  1. Creating a Zoom webhook only app

  2. Configuring the webhook to send individual events

To complete this integration you need:

  • Administrator rights to your Zoom organization

  • Administrator access to Flowtrace

1. Creating a webhook only Zoom app

Creating a Zoom webhook only app is easy. Please follow the complete instructions in Zoom's own help center and call your new app as "Flowtrace Integration".

You can create the webhook only app from create app page and by selecting "Webhook Only":

On the next page, please fill in the required information and click "Continue".

2. Configuring the Zoom app events

In this section we show how to create the Zoom app event subscription in two steps. First step is to configure the subsctiption itself, and the second one is how to configure the needed events.

Event Subscription and Event notification endpoint URL

On this page, first thing you should do is to enable the event subscription and click "Add event subscription".

For the the next step, you should access Flowtrace integration page to get the "Event notification endpoint URL" needed for the webhook. By clicking "Copy webhook URL" in Flowtrace Integration page you copy the unique URL to your clipboard for your Flowtrace integration.

Selecting the required Zoom call events

The last step is to select the zoom meeting events you want Flowtrace to include in the analysis. By minimum we require the events for meeting start, and end, and when someone joined the meeting, and left the meeting. We support most of the meeting related events which you can optionally configure.

All done now. Please click "Done", and save the event subscription before you complete the last steps of the app creation.

After your app is created, you can test it by creating a meeting, joining existing one, or triggering another action which triggers an event. You can go to Flowtrace Integration page to confirm we have received the event via "Last active" field.

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