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Integrate Zoom with Flowtrace
Integrate Zoom with Flowtrace

This guide walks you through how to integrate Zoom, what to expect, and how to uninstall the integration. Time to install: 2 mins.

Written by Petri Lehtonen
Updated over a week ago

Zoom is nowadays an integral part of hybrid and remote collaboration. It's where teams and people meet, either on a scheduled, or unscheduled meetings.

This guide shows you how to install the Flowtrace Zoom app and how to use Flowtrace for further analysis.

In this article:

  1. Installing the Flowtrace app for Zoom

  2. How to reveal the facts from Zoom calls

  3. How to remove Flowtrace integration from Zoom

To complete this integration you need:

  • Existing Flowtrace <-> Google calendar integration

  • Administrator rights to your Zoom organization

  • Administrator access to Flowtrace

1. Installing the Zoom app

Creating a Zoom integration using the Flowtrace app is easy. First, you need to log in to your Flowtrace account and navigate to Settings -> Integrations. Here you will see the Zoom integration option if this is part of your Flowtrace plan.

To install the Flowtrace app you need to go to Zoom for authorization.

You should accept the request to install Flowtrace into your Zoom account for the integration to work. (You might need to log in to your Zoom account first).

When you return to Flowtrace, you will see the status of integration like this:

Upon successful installation, Flowtrace will receive notifications from Zoom when a meeting starts, ends, and participants join or leave a meeting.

After the Flowtrace app is integrated, you can test it by creating a meeting, joining an existing one, or triggering another action which triggers an event. You can go to the Flowtrace Integration page to confirm we have received the event via the "Last active" field.

2. Using Flowtrace with Zoom meeting analytics

Flowtrace's Zoom video call analytics can be viewed in 4 different ways:

  1. Video call meeting insights

  2. Video call punctuality metrics

  3. Zoom video call meeting time

  4. Zoom usage across the organization

Meeting Analytics - Meeting Overview

In the meeting overview, you can see your filtered results over time in different video call tools. This information is available under the header "Video Call Time Trends".

Meeting Analytics - Meeting Insights

On the meeting insights page, you can open the details of a given meeting and see how the meeting participant joined and left the meeting compared to the scheduled events. This is shown as a heatmap style in the events based on your current filters.

You can even drill down to an individual event of a recurring meeting to see how participants joined, left, and rejoined the meeting.

Meeting analytics - Meetings by Teams

In this view, you can see how your teams compare to each other based on their meeting punctuality. You can find the total amount of time teams are late, how late they are from their own meetings, or how late they attend other meetings.

Productivity - SaaS Tool Insights

On this view, you can see how your team is using Zoom over time. This estimate is not tied to meetings but gives you a good view of tool adoption across the company.

3. Uninstalling Flowtrace from your Zoom account

We are sad to see you leave πŸ˜”

How to uninstall Flowtrace?

There are a couple of ways how to uninstall the Flowtrace app from your Zoom account. You can navigate to your own Zoom account and find the installed app. When you find Flowtrace, you can choose to remove the app from your account.

The second way is to do this through Flowtrace. When you navigate to Settings -> Integrations in our app. Next to Zoom integration, you can find the "Uninstall" button, which will take you to your Zoom account's Added apps page directly.

What happens to my data after I uninstall Flowtrace?

When you uninstall the Flowtrace app for Zoom, we stop receiving notifications about your Zoom meetings. We won't be able to show you any further video call details from Zoom, but all other integrations like Google Meets continue to function.

If you want us to remove all your Zoom data from our servers, you should contact us at, or use the chat bubble in the app to request data removal. We will do so in 30 days. We do hold encrypted database backups for 365 days and this is when all the personal Zoom data is gone.

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