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Install Flowtrace Meeting Analytics from Google Workspace Marketplace™
Install Flowtrace Meeting Analytics from Google Workspace Marketplace™

This guide walks you through how to integrate your Google Workspace with Flowtrace Estimated time to complete: 2 minutes.

Written by Petri Lehtonen
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Google Workspace is commonly used across the teams in a company and holds huge amount of collaboration information. This guide shows you how to install Flowtrace analytics for Google Calendar™ and Google Meets™ from Google Workspace Marketplace™.

To be able to complete this integration you need:

  • Administrator rights to manage your Google Workspace installation

  • Administrator access to your Flowtrace account

Flowtrace Meeting Analytics for Google Workspace™ Permissions

Installing Flowtrace app requires following scopes:

These scopes ensure Flowtrace has access to your Google Workspace™ licence information, user directory, calendar event group invites, and Google Meets™ audit events.

Installing Flowtrace Meeting Analytics for Google Workspace™

Easiest way to get started with installing our integration is by going to Google Workspace Marketplace and find Flowtrace app, or navigating directly using this link:

Alternatively you can login to Flowtrace and navigate to Settings -> Integrations and clicking Configure for Meeting Analytics for Google Workspace™:

This will open you a dialog with the link how to get Flowtrace Meeting Analytics from Google Workspace Marketplace™.

Here's how the Flowtrace Meeting Analytics app install page will look like. You should proceed with "Admin Install" to select the scope of the app install you wish for your organization. You can install the app to whole organization, organization units in your organization, or for individual users of the organization.

You should see this dialog with scope explanations, and possibiltiy to select the part of organization you wish to install the app for:

After you have authorized our app, you should head back to Flowtrace app to finalize the installation process.

Verifying the Installation of Flowtrace Meeting Analytics

After you have succesfully installed Flowtrace Meeting Analytics to your Google Workspacem you should head to Flowtrace app and navigate to Settings -> Configuration -> Configure "Meeting Analytics for Google Workspace" integration.

This is how succesful integration looks like in Flowtrace app

We are happy to help you if you encounter any issues with the installation. You can find us in the Flowtrace platform's Chat app, or via support email channel.

Google Calendar, Google Meets, Google Workspace Marketplace and the Google Workspace Marketplace logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

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