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Meeting Cost for Outlook™ Edge Extension
Meeting Cost for Outlook™ Edge Extension

This article outlines the installation and usage of the extension

Written by Petri Lehtonen
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Because meetings are investments, make them count.


In this article we cover the core concepts of the extension:

  • Motivation for the Meeting Cost extension

  • Installation of the Meeting Cost extension

  • Usage of the extension in Outlook™

  • Uninstalling the extension

Why Meeting Cost for Outlook™?

Meetings can either catalyze productivity or become a drain on resources. Empower your meeting organizers with factual clarity on estimated meeting costs using Flowtrace's Chrome extension.

Our extension integrates with the rest of the Flowtrace Meeting Analytics ecosystem to provide accurate cost estimates for direct and group-invited meetings. Simply log in using your Microsoft account to use your customized organizational cost configuration.

Experience the transformative impact of cost transparency. By providing tangible estimates on meeting costs, our tool ensures your team is aware of the time and financial implications of meetings. This awareness encourages a mindful approach to scheduling, potentially saving your organization significant resources.

Installing Meeting Cost for Outlook™

We have made it easy to install the extension to individuals, or whole organizations.

Individual Installation

The extension is available from Edge Extension Webstore and can be installed by anyone. The link to the extension is here: Meeting Cost for Outlook.

Organization-Wide Installation

Microsoft Entra/AD administrators have the option to install the extension to their Workspace edge profiles, and this is the mechanism you can use to install the extension across the team.

Using Meeting Cost for Outlook™

The extension has 2 main modes of operation: authenticated free, and authenticated premium. To utilize organization cost settings configured in Flowtrace, your users need to authenticate and verify their identity before we can use the salary and working time configuration securely in your paid account.


Unauthenticated operation

You should open the extension popup and sign in using your Microsoft to get started.

Free & authenticated operation

The authenticated operation uses default meeting cost configuration to arrive at an estimate and is based on your timezone-defined country and currency combination. The meeting cost values are derived from average hours worked in the tech industry and average salary in the tech industry (these averages are based on your country if the information is available).

Premium & authenticated operation

Authenticated operation uses the meeting cost configuration your organization has configured in the Flowtrace platform. These estimates are the most accurate reflection of meeting costs.

You can configure cost estimates in Flowtrace -> Settings -> Account Settings

Uninstalling the Extension

Uninstalling the meeting cost extension is easy, and it depends on how you installed it in the first place.

  • For individual installation, navigate to your browser's extension settings and select "Remove" next to Meeting Cost for Outlook™.

  • For organization-wide installation: you need an administrator to uninstall the extension from managed Edge profiles.

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