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Installing the Flowtrace Meeting Analytics for M365

Written by Petri Lehtonen
Updated over a week ago


This article outlines the steps when the installation is undertaken to ensure the technical integration of Flowtrace Meeting Analytics for M365. Additionally we show how you can configure mailbox controls to limit the scope where Flowtrace has data access.

Installation sequence:

Here's an outline of steps you should take.

  • Create an account with Flowtrace (using Microsoft SSO logged in user), and complete the onboarding process with Slack integration (contact our support if you use other IM tools like MS Teams)

  • When you navigate to Settings -> Integrations, you can initiate the M365 Integration

    • This step will establish the connection with Flowtrace Meeting Analytics for M365 Application - Client ID: 04f28283-dae0-4424-9381-6b72f8827e0c

    • Successful installation triggers first user directory data fetching and takes some time. We have seen up to 15 minutes for big directories.

  • Navigate to Settings -> User Management to validate the connection is established

Meeting Analytics for M365 Scopes:

Optional way to limit the access to users/mailbox (useful in pilot stages):

You can choose the apply restrictions on whose mailbox Flowtrace app has access to. Applying application policy restrictions for a set of mailboxes is done using Exchange's built in features.

There are multiple ways how you can achieve the restricted access, and here's a selection of Microsoft guidelines to configure these at your infrastructure:

We recommend you create a dynamic group to manage the mailbox access using (New-ManagementScope with RecipientRestrictionFilter), and attach (ManagementRoleAssignment) the scope to the service principal you need to create (New-ServicePrincipal) for the Flowtrace App (Client ID: 04f28283-dae0-4424-9381-6b72f8827e0c).

Here's an example screenshot on how you create the service principal to the Flowtrace app, which you can use to assign a role for the scope of your users.

Please contact our support for discussing alternative options if your infrastructure setup does not support Mailbox restrictions.

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