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What is Slack Channel Sentiment analysis?
What is Slack Channel Sentiment analysis?

Discover how sentiment analysis through Slack channels can help improve communication and improve how work gets done.

Written by Petri Lehtonen
Updated over a week ago

Read this article and you will discover what employee sentiment analysis is. You will learn why sentiment analysis is important to both a company and its employees and how Flowtrace measures sentiment through Slack. This article is broken into three categories:

What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment Analysis is the process of understanding the meaning or emotions behind the exchanges of communication between employees and teams. It allows an organization to understand whether particular topics, subjects, content, teams or individual communication are positive, negative or neutral.

Sentiment Analysis blends natural language processing with machine learning and AI to offer meaningful insights from communication patterns.

Why is sentiment analysis important?

In our modern fast paced workplaces annual performance reviews and ad-hoc surveys don't provide enough insights for companies to get a true understanding of how employees feel, communicate or react as your company evolves.

That's where employee sentiment analysis comes in. Employee sentiment analysis provides a number of important capabilities, including:

  • Helping companies take the necessary steps toward change when they discover that employees are dissatisfied with how the company is handling key issues, topics, projects or objectives.

  • Encouraging transparency and more open communication. When a company takes corrective actions to reassure employees that their opinions matter, it results in transparency, better communication, increased productivity and higher employee engagement.

  • Providing an accurate picture of employee opinions. People learn from people, if negative sentiment takes hold it can disrupt the balance of an organization. Sentiment analysis gives you early signals about changes in trends on every topic your employees are communicating about.

How does Flowtrace measure sentiment through Slack channels?

Historically it was common place that organizations conduct employee engagement surveys annually, in order to better understand employee sentiment. However, this process is inefficient and inherently flawed.

One-time data doesn’t support Real-time decisions

With these one-time surveys, organizations receive sentiment based on single moment in time. Organizations typically use this information to make business decisions for the next 6-12 months.

However, sentiment by its nature changes as events happen, measuring those trends in real-time means an organizations can be more agile, make better and fast decisions.

This is what Flowtrace sentiment analysis through Slack channels is built on, empowering our clients to tap into the ‘voice of employees’ to improve business performance.

Public Channel Collaboration Sentiment

Measure the volume of collaboration in your Slack channels and benchmark this with sentiment in nearly real-time.

Channel by Channel Sentiment Breakdown

Gain deeper insights channel by channel. Using the handy dropdown you can quickly view:

  1. Channel sentiment over time

  2. Slack activity breakdown by day and hour

  3. Slack topic activity and sentiment per topic

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