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Getting Started with Flowtrace Fremium Plan
Learn how to improve Slack communication through our Resource Library
Learn how to improve Slack communication through our Resource Library

Discover free resources within the Flowtrace web app for better employee and team communication.

Written by Petri Lehtonen
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In this article and you will discover how to find and access the 'Resource Library' within your free plan and the Flowtrace Web App.

How to find basic activity stats directly in Slack

Slack is a great communication and collaboration tool, used globally by more than 600k companies.

Slack offers basic analytics about your communication activity which you can view directly through your Slack workspace.

You can see how many people are active โ€” meaning they posted a message or read at least one channel or direct message, and understand where your members have conversations, and where messages are most commonly read.

To access your Slack stats navigate to your workspace dropdown menu:

You can also access your stats directly through your web browser:

Why are Slack communication best practices important?

Slack Best Practice Guide image

We have a created a handy Slack best practices guide with hints and tips on how to improve your company communication through Slack.

Our best practice guide is divided into 6 main sections:

  1. Channels - why you should use public channels by default.

  2. Effective Habits - setting a clear purpose for every channel to ensure information flows to the right people.

  3. Notifications - how to set your company Slack policy so that notifications are put on hold at a reasonable time each day.

  4. Using Threads - why these are great for discussions in a team channel.

  5. App and Tool Fatigue - set a clear policy on communications expectations within Slack

  6. Management - how to manage and maintain a healthy Slack workspace

Access to Free Resources through the Flowtrace Web App

Flowtrace Web App navigation sidebar image

You can access all our free resources through the 'Resource Library' section in the Flowtrace web app as highlighted in the image above.

Alternatively you can access the 'Slack Best Practices Guide' directly through this link:

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