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Getting Started with Flowtrace Free Plan and Slack Integration
Getting Started with Flowtrace Free Plan and Slack Integration

Learn about the power of Flowtrace Free Plan and understand the analytics available through visual reporting.

Written by Petri Lehtonen
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Flowtrace

In this article and you will discover how to get started with the Flowtrace Free Plan Web App and Slack User Interface. You will learn how to quickly navigate your way around our platform and what you can expect to see directly in Slack. This article is broken into three sections:

Let's get started...

With Flowtrace you gain access to analytics in two ways. Firstly, through our Web App you can see all aggregated company analytics and metrics. Secondly, through our Slack User Interface every employee can see their own personalized analytics, which remain private to each individual.

Web App

Slack User Interface

  • Aggregated Company Metrics

  • In-Depth Analytics

  • Account Management and Configuration

  • Manage Integrations

  • Private and Personalized Workday Insights

  • Survey Response Gathering

  • Company, Team and Channel Reports

Core Users: Leadership Team, Team Managers

Core Users: Every user in your Slack workspace


The Flowtrace Web App is divided into 5 areas:

  1. Sidebar - access to collaboration and wellbeing analytics.

  2. Top Bar - contains the actions and views to filter analytics by a chosen time period.

  3. Analytics Panel - displays all analytics available through your connected Slack workspace

  4. Header - Dropdown selection to switch accounts or logout

  5. Chat - Contact us anytime through our in platform chat


Navigation via the sidebar is divided into 6 sections:

  1. Collaboration Dashboard - Combined analytics including Slack Sentiment and Survey Scores

  2. Productivity - Only available through our paid plans. Understand the impact of your company meeting culture, deep work time and team productivity.

  3. Collaboration Diagnostics - displays all analytics available through your connected Slack workspace including Slack workspace activity, channel sentiment and relational network of user in your workspace.

  4. Wellbeing - In-depth insights for engagement, activity, sentiment, connectedness and influence.

  5. Resource Library - Free content and resources to help you improve your company meeting best practices, Slack communication, team productivity and collaboration.

  6. Settings - Easily manage your Flowtrace, setup weekly surveys, invite and manage users, manage integration with Slack and activate new integrations, setup automated reports and upgrade to paid plans.


Each team member gains access to their own personalized statistics directly in your Slack workspace. These are private to each individual and updated in real-time, a great tool for every team member to understand how they can increase focus time and be more productive.

What's Next...

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